Restaurant chain management software

The software is designed to support restaurant chain in operations management , including catalogue management, sales management, inventory control, quantitative management, etc.

Detail info

Bytesoft restaurant management software

VManaging professionally in a 5-star restaurant style


Easy to follow all business activities from order entry, processing to payment, increasing the service yield by 50% and eliminates manual errors.


Providing a user-friendly interface, fitting all types of restaurant in Vietnam such as Asian restaurants, fast food chain, cafes, pubs. ...s


Sensitive to businesses' health as well as providing accurate detailed data with wide choices of reports.


Along with providing a 24/7 support to handling your problems, Bytesoft also offers consulting services and additional features to personalize the products according to practical needs of the customers.

Menu management

Setting and customizing the menu directly on the system

Materials Management

Managing materials by calculating the periodically used amount of materials

Customer Management

Storing information and managing the number of customers by name and table

Revenue - Expenditure management

Overseeing the financial status of the restaurant, including revenue, interest, debts...

Inventory management

Tracking the flow of incoming and outgoing materials amounts by suppliers.

Time-based reporting

The preceding features are summarized in the form of automated

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