On April 9, Bytesoft Vietnam Joint Stock Company in cooperation with Bachkhoa-Aptech has successfully held a conference to introduce a Blockchain training program. This course is expected to be the “life-saver” for the current labour crisis of the Blockchain field.

The Conference of 4.0 Blockchain training program, April 9

Blockchain Technology is being widely applied in many fields of our life, such as finance-banking, manufacturing, medical, and election thanks to its transparency and security. According to the report conducted by Vietnamwork - The largest online recruitment site in Vietnam, Blockchain engineer has the highest income in IT field, up to 50 million VND per month, and the market demand for the job grows 320% per year.

As the demand continues to grow, soon or later it will surpass the supply, leading to a labour crisis. Bytesoft Vietnam Joint Stock Company, a pioneer in Blockchain technology has cooperated with the IT training centre Bachkhoa-Aptech to start the Blockchain training course with the goal of providing high-quality programming engineer for the field.

Prof. Dr Nguyen Xuan Hoai - Director of AI Academy Vietnam

The conference was attended by Prof. Dr Nguyen Xuan Hoai - Director of AI Academy Vietnam, Dr Nguyen Dac Hung - Director of Department of Education and Training, Vocational Training - Central Propaganda Department, representative of Bytesoft Vietnam Joint Stock Company and Bachkhoa-Aptech, along with the media agencies and students.

Dr Nguyen Dac Hung - Director of the Department of Vocational Training -  The Central Committee of Propaganda

The Blockchain training program is a strategic course of a comprehensive training plan developed to meet the need for high-quality IT human resources in the 4.0 industrial revolution. Mr Doan Duc Manh also shared at the conference about the goal and mission of the training program.

“The training program is implemented exclusively under the" reverse" IT training model with recruitment offers for students after finished the course. The course consists of 6 months studying at BachKhoa-Aptech and 3 months internship at Bytesoft”.

Mr. Doan Duc Manh - General Director of Bytesoft Vietnam Joint Stock Company

“The program is based on the current recruitment requirements for Blockchain experts of Bytesoft and IT enterprises, therefore, ensuring 100% job opportunity at Bytesoft or other IT companies with an average salary from 300 to 600 dollars.”, said by Mr Doan Duc Manh.

Commenting on the development trend of Blockchain in 2019, Mr Manh said:

"Blockchain as the heart of the 4.0 tech revolution along with innovative techs like AI and Big Data will shape the future of humanity for the next few decades. From the birth of Blockchain in 2008, we have witnessed its growth from an unrealistic idea to the widest applicable tech to every field and industry. Now, it is the time for the enterprise to take action before missing this opportunity."

A student making questions about the course

Representative of Bytesoft Vietnam Joint Stock Company - General Director Doan Duc Manh answered the students' questions

The training course is highly appreciated by the Blockchain experts and IT enterprises as it will be the solution for the current labour crisis of the field.