We are in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution and terms like “LGSP” or E-government platform is no stranger. Still, a brother of LGSP, the NGSP, is what we are not familiar with.


NGSP & LGSP - An overview

LGSP and NGSP are parts of the GSP solution which aims to create an advance system of data sharing. The boom of technology in the recent 4.0 revolution creates great demand of data sharing, thus, requires the government to find IT solution in order to accomplish the e-government development goal. The solution is GSP or Government Service Platform. 


GSP is the core system, the backbone of government data management system, where data is stored and shared between agencies and units. The system also allows third-party application to integrate in data collecting and sharing. The structure of this system can divides into 2 layouts:
        + National Government Service Platform (NGSP)
        + Local Government Service Platform (LGSP)

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What is NGSP?


The term National Government Service Platform (NGSP) can be defined as: A system of data linkage and sharing on a national scale, serving as a bridge between other data storage systems (national information system, government databases, and local information systems).

This system includes services and applications associated with data sharing on a national scale. The main purpose of the system is to reduce the risk of data duplication and fraud while cutting down unnecessary procedures. It also aims to connect database across the country and between government agencies. 

What does NGSP do?

Both LGSP and NGSP provide data linkage for data storage systems, especially connect these systems to the national information network. In details:
       + Receive data requests from local system or application, forward them to the national system, and send back responses.
        + Provide technical transformation support in order to meet protocol compatibility, data format, etc.
   + Play other roles as required by the Authority of Information Technology Application (AITA) - Ministry of Information and communication.

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Developing and implementing an E-government is still a challenge as it requires a comprehensive effort of the government, local administration, and other institutions in applying technological innovations to the conventional management system. While many countries still struggling, the GSP solution, as well as LGSP and NGSP, provides a new effective tool to accomplish e-government development goal.