Recently on July 16, the first events of Miss Universe Vietnam 2019 marketing campaign has ended successfully, marking the launch of one of the biggest beauty pageants of the year. The press conference was attended by Miss  Universe Vietnam 2018 H'Hen Nie, runner-up Mau Thuy, Hoàng My, with representatives of the competition's sponsor.

During the event, we honoured to has a quick interview with Mr Doan Duc Manh - General Director of Bytesoft Vietnam Joint Stock Company, about BVote, one of the company's latest product and also the voting platform of Miss Universe Vietnam 2019.

The handshake between representatives of Bytesoft Vietnam và Uni Media after signing the cooperation contract

Could you share your thought on Miss Universe Vietnam pageant?

Miss Universe Vietnam is one of the largest, most prestigious beauty pageant in the nation. It is also the "career launcher" for names like Pham Huong or H'Hen Nie, who has represented Vietnam beauty in other international contests and introduce our country, soul and culture, to global friends.

Is there any special reason for Bytesoft to accompany Miss universe Vietnam this year?

We understand and value what the competition could bring to the people. Therefore, we have been seeking the chance to work with UNI Media and finally success this year. By sponsoring the competition, we want to join a hand with the pageant to honour the moral value as well as giving the audience exciting experiences from voting for the "Best Body" title with our high-tech platform - BVote.

Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 H'Hen Nie next to the representatives of Bytesoft Vietnam 

Could you give us a sneak-peak of what Bysoft has been working at the Miss Universe Vietnam 2019? Is there any surprise?

All I can say is that we are an honour to present the online voting platform BVote to the audience of Miss Universe Vietnam 2019. UNI Media has been planning to adopt innovative tech to the beauty events and BVote which empowered by  Blockchain is the best solution at the time. We offer better and new voting experiences for users while ensuring the immutability and integrity of the voting result.

What is your comment on this year theme?

Personally, I think "Braveheart" is an interesting and meaningful theme, which also refer to the inner beauty of modern Vietnamese women, strong, independent, and confidence. This is the proof that beauty pageant nowadays like the Miss Universe Vietnam is seeking more than just a bikini body or lovely bottom. What we are all looking for is an alpha woman, a true warrior, like last year winner - Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 H’Hen Nie.

Aside to the questions, Mr Doan Duc Manh also proudly said that BVote is now one of the pioneering Blockchain application in Vietnam. He added that, by applying BVote, the 2019 competition would be more exciting and promising.

At the end of the interview, Mr Doan Duc Manh on behalf of Bytesoft Vietnam Joint Stock Company sent his congratulations to Miss Universe Vietnam 2019: “Once again, Bytesoft Vietnam Company is proud to be one of the sponsors of Miss Universe Vietnam 2019. We hope the competition will continuously reap success and be the biggest beauty pageant in the country. For the audience, we hope that you will have wonderful experiences with this year contest and BVote voting platform. Thank you!"