ASP.NET MVC is a Microsoft website development technology. The MVC model has helped us overcome many of the defects of Web Forms. This article gives you some basic theoretical introduction to ASP.NET programming and its applications.


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What is ASP.NET MVC?

ASP.NET MVC (Model View Controller) is a new software development model that provides the second option for web building using ASP.NET. It is a framework built on the design of Model - View - Controller. Where Model is the container of data, which supports better data transfer in the application. View is the representation of its model. In Web Forms, that is the page, which receives data to display it to the users. At the same time it is also a form for users to interact with the system. The third and most important part is the controller. It is the link between the users and system. Specifically, the controller receives user requests from the view and navigates the information if the data needs to be processed through the model, then again sends data from the model to View. The MVC model also supports everything related to HTML, CSS and JavaScript, even better than the Web Form does.

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Comparing ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms


Comparing ASP.NET MVC and Web Forms

In terms of display and logic: In Web Forms, this relationship to greatly close, so it's impossible to split the web interface completely. As a result, it will take longer if you need to change the interface. While we can separate them in an active way with MVC. Web Forms uses Pages to display and create applications, while the MVC uses the Controller. Each controller corresponds to an actual object such as bill, customer, news, etc.

On state management side: Web Forms takes the entire control via the view state. MVC does not, which makes it easier to integrate with JavaScript. Web Forms only supports STML, while MVC also supports others and you can use a lot of different displaying mechanisms.

One common analogy is that the mechanism for creating a common Web Forms page is master pages while MVC uses Layouts. In Web Forms, if you want to create a new function and embed it somewhere so that you can use it for all applications, then you can use user controls whereas Partial Views is used in MVC.

What you might need when programming ASP.NET


What you might need when programming ASP.NET

After learning the definition and some concepts of ASP.NET programming, as well as what differs ASP.NET MVC from Web Forms, we will continue to learn about what to prepare for practical ASP.NET programming.

It’s not too complicated to build a web with ASP.NET MVC. Only some simple tools are required. First of all, you need a computer running on at least Windows 7 and .NET Framework 4.0.

Then Visual Studio should be installed- this is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft which is used to support .NET programming. It is highly recommended that you use version 2010 or later version.

Finally, in order to manage the database, you can use any data management system. However, SQL Server 2012 should be used (this is a relational database management system) for the best synchronization.

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