Search the keywords “develop custom software” and you will find tons of tech firms to provide the services. Still, it’s not as easy to choose the best out of them. Here are 5 things you must check before deciding.


5 Things you MUST know before hiring a firm to develop custom software

1. Market pricing
Checking the market pricing is the most fundamental yet critical step for effective negotiation. Just type in the words "develop custom software" and you will find millions of results. Your job then is to note down, compare the costs of custom software and services provided by different tech firms and set out a price range for the product based on what you need. By this way, you can save up your budget by keeping those overcharged services out of the table.

Moreover, you also need to consider other factors along with pricing such as software features or included services. High-costs products commonly go with diverse features and complex system. Understanding what you will get based on the price will give you a clear vision of the product's value and costs. In most cases, the company with the lowest price is not the best option.

2. Company profile
The next thing to pay attention to when hiring an outsourcing firm to develop custom software is the company profile. The company profile is the most comprehensive and concise view of the company business. Therefore, to decide if the firm is suitable or not, start with their profile, especially “formation history”, “products”, and “services” section.

The way the sections arranged in the profile also shows how much effort the company put in it. If the profile seems to be “effortless” with lots of grammar mistakes, you should reconsider the company capability and professionalism. 

3. Experience is the key

Experience is the key

While skimming the company profile, you should also find out about its experience related to your desired products. If you want to develop software to serve a specific purpose, it’s better to choose a firm that has launched similar products. In addition, mature firms have a better operating system and software development cycle, which means that unwanted errors or incidents are less likely to occur.  However, the experience should be considered along with expertise. Some startup companies are also capable of developing such products yet with lower price.

4. Customer’s satisfaction
The best way to check a company’s service or product quality is through previous customer satisfaction. You and the previous customer may have different requirements, still, good reviews prove the company's capability of providing satisfying products and are more reliable than other sources of information.

5. After-sales services

After-sales services

After-sales service also plays a major part in your to your overall business experience. If you don’t want to spend days figuring out how to use the software, or lose your mind over the error screen, then choose for yourself a company with good after-sale services. 

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