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Closing date : 30/04/2019

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Place Hà Nội

Work description

-  Work to create innovative and creative designs for website, brand, logo, infographic, and other materials to serve the purpose of developing brand identity and other requirements.
- Create designs for advertising publications for digital marketing (posted on Forum, Facebook, YouTube, and others websites), including flash banners, popups, email templates, interfaces (for website and app), visual ideas for videos, etc.
- Assist other departments when needed



- College diploma/degree or equivalent experience in graphic design.
- 1+ year of experience in designing logos, landing pages, websites, etc, is an advantage.
- Strong capacities with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe animate CC, etc.
- Ability to work under pressure, creative, patience, and always willing to learn and progress.
- Dependability to work assigned hours to ensure full coverage; overtime is occasionally worked in order to meet the demands and deadlines associated with the position



- Salary of 8-12 million VND per month: Applicants may propose higher salaries depending on their professional qualifications and practical experience.
- Bonus and incentive: Bonus and reward by month, quarter,  or year in accordance with KPIs and after the project completed.
- Opportunities for self-development and Career advancement:
+ Fully trained in graphic design
+ Participate in t every step of the project development process and gain practical experience.
- Working environment: Young, dynamic, and friendly.
- After-work activities: annual vacation and tons of monthly outdoor activities such as charity, camping, after-work party, karaoke night, sport, etc.
- Social Insurance regimes according to the State regulations.


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