LGSP is the foundation of e-government, data integration and sharing. Have you understood correctly and adequately about the software that "saves" thousands of State authorities operating on obsolete data management platform?


What is LGSP?

LGSP, Local Government Service Platform, is an integrated, ministerial-level data sharing platform that provides shared services to share data between information systems of agencies, departments within a ministry. It plays an intermediary role in linking internal information systems of ministries, departments and localities with external systems. 

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LGSP Components 


Typically, LGSP consists of three main sections:

 + Data integrating and sharing platform that connects to: portals, online public service portal, and existing internal systems. The platform is built on the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model.

 + Shared database which is responsible for the integration of critical data for both internal and external entities (both central and local) and ready for upgradation to become a national database in the future.

A portal for data management which is integrated with shared database and other specialized management information systems.

Given such complex technology platform, it is really hard to find a software provider with sound expertise and prestige.

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Bytesoft’s LGSP software


That's when you find out about the LGSP integration platform from Bytesoft - a household name in the IT world. With LGSP software, Bytesoft’s experienced development team has gained certain success on entering the State sector.

Bytesoft understands that the measure of government quality is the people. In order for the people to assess their government’s quality, it is important that they have access to administrative products. Therefore, at Bytesoft, we not only develop LGSP - the foundation for e-government but also pay attention to many aspects that directly affect people’s daily life.