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Work description

Internship at Bytesoft include:
* Training: Career orientation and identifying required skill sets
* Intern
*Official staff
Become an official member of Bytesoft family; participate directly in practical projects.



a. General requirements:
- Have a laptop
- Being a final year student  in Information Technology
- Ability to self-study and research of academic documents
- Have passion in IT and desire to develop a career associated with programming; willing to learn and progress.
- Honest; responsible; attention to detail.
b. Qualification
- Have a general understanding of ASP.NET programming
-  Have a general understanding of database management system (SQL Server, Oracle, etc)
-  Have a general understanding of Frontend programming (HTML, CSS, JS, ect).
c. Others
- Others requirements will be discussed in detail after becoming an official staff.



Benefits received according to the internship stage.
* For Training, Intern, and Trainee: Discussed in interview
* For Official Staff: 
- Salary of 7-12 million VND per month: Applicants may propose higher salaries depending on their professional qualifications and practical experience.
- Bonus and incentive: Bonus and reward by month, quarter,  or year in accordance with KPIs and after each project completed.
- Opportunities for self-development and Career advancement:
        + Fully trained in programming
        + Participate in every step of the project development process and gain practical experience.
- Working environment: Young, dynamic, and friendly.
- After-work activities: annual vacation and tons of monthly outdoor activities such as charity, camping, after-work party, karaoke night, sport, etc.
- Social Insurance regimes according to the State regulations.

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