On December 27th at Bachkhoa-Aptech, a Blockchain Seminar was held to “decode” this key tech of the 4.0 Technology Revolution. It also revealed 5 brilliant students who then was awarded a Bytesoft scholarship.

On December 27, Bytesoft Vietnam Joint Stock Company in cooperation with the International IT Training System Bachkhoa-Aptech has held a seminar entitled "Decoding Blockchain - Key tech of 4.0 Revolution”. The seminar had attracted over 100 IT students, programming enthusiasts, tech fans, and leading experts in the field of IT and finance.

The seminar started with speeches of 3 IT experts from Bytesoft Vietnam, which provided for the audiences a general understanding of the matter and its practical applications. It is considered as a new “wind” in educating the IT students as well as an inspiration for young programmers to follow the path of Blockchain.  

Doan Duc Manh, the General Director of Bytesoft Vietnam JSCC, 
a Blockchain expert, and one of the speakers on that day 

One of the speakers on that day is Doan Duc Manh, the General Director of Bytesoft Vietnam JSCC and a Blockchain expert. He explained the concept of Blockchain to the audiences, including its importance and fields of application. He also stressed the varied aspects of life that can be enhanced through the implementation of Blockchain. 

In his speech, Mr Manh revealed one of his projects at Bytesoft, “Blockchain in Agriculture”,  to illustrate his perspective on the great potential of this new technology. 

The topic continued with an app written from December 21 by the second speaker Do Son Huynh, who is the Deputy General Director of Bytesoft, a software engineer, and a programmer. The app is an example of applying Blockchain in the transaction and also a typical model of node usage and network validation process into cryptocurrencies.

Do Son Huynh, Deputy General Director of Bytesoft, a software engineer, and a programmer

Mr Do Son Huynh further explained the benefit of Bachkhoa-Aptech teaching model, which is “practice to learn”. The main advantage of this model is to create a favourable environment for students to carry out a real project, and therefore, learning new concepts of programming and software after practising them. The model, from his point of view, is what the IT students needed to learn, develop, and apply Blockchain into daily life.
The last speaker, Pham Tuan Anh (MSc) - A Blockchain specialist, shared his experience of developing Blockchain software at Bnet (a firm under Bytesoft Vietnam).

 Pham Tuan Anh (MSc) - Blockchain technology specialist
Mr Pham Tuan Anh introduced the audience to BnetVote, a Confidence Rating system based on the Blockchain platform. The system was developed by Bytesoft and aim to enhance the scalability, speed, safety and fairness of voting and election by applying Blockchain.

Also in the Seminar, Bytesoft Vietnam Joint Stock Company awarded 05 scholarships to outstanding students of Bachkhoa-Aptech. It was a great encouragement for young students to develop in the field of Blockchain as well as financial support for those future programmers.

Best students of Bachkhoa-Aptech receives scholarships from Bytesoft JSC
In addition, Bytesoft Vietnam offered job opportunities for students of Bachkhoa-Aptech. Mr Doan Duc Manh shared: "We highly appreciate the training program of Bachkhoa-Aptech, the “practice to learn” model has created a high-qualified labour resource for IT market in a short amount of time. At Bytesoft, we always welcome students who have a deep passion for programming and willing to learn as well as progress through practical projects of Bytesoft.”

Mr Doan Duc Manh shared his experiences to all students of Bachkhoa-Aptech

The success of the Blockchain seminar is another step closer for Bytesoft to achieve its goal of leading the IT market of Vietnam. 

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