What Real Estate is really like


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Now, with Blockchain application, the technology would be the new foundation for this industry.

Blockchain application in  real estate

Imagining a world in which real estate ownership can be verified immediately and safely. In this hypothetical world, the growing role of real estate brokers will no longer exist (or be greatly reduced),  people don’t have to wait to verify ownership, and most importantly, the costs associated with the land ownership certification through insurance will be significantly reduced. Blockchain would simplify the complex housing loan approval process, which will reduce the waiting time from several weeks to a few days.

Blockchain application in real estate

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The best thing about Blockchain is that it does not depend on any intermediary. The new Blockchain technology will help people who need to sell, buy, rent or even landlords themselves, to make contracts directly without a third party, thereby reducing the costs. Or in others words, there won’t be any intermediaries.

The belief of Blockchain ability to fundamentally change the real estate industry is continuously growing.  Sweden is considering applying Smart Contract and Blockchain in transactions. Georgia, Brazil, and Honduras are doing the same.

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