LGSP and NGSP are brothers?

“The model of connecting information systems with national databases follows the below cases:

  1. Connect via LGSP and NGSP;
  2. Connect via NGSP if LGSP is not functional;
  3. Connect via LGSP if NGSP is not functional;
  4. Connect directly to national databases if both NGSP and LGSP are not functional.”

Moreover, LGSP and NGSP are part of the Government Service Platform (GSP) that aims to provide better data linkage and sharing. It can be seen that "brother"  is quite an accurate term to describe the relationship between LGSP and NGSP.

NGSP benefits


In simple term, NGSP or national Government Service Platform is a system of data linkage and sharing on a national scale, serving as a bridge between large-sized data storage systems (national information system, government databases, and local information systems), information systems of different administrative units and agencies, and other units of LGSP according to e-Government Architecture Framework of Vietnam.

Similar to LGSP, NGSP receives data requests from local system or application, forward them to the national system, and send back responses. It also provides technical transformation support in order to meet protocol compatibility, data format, and on-demand customized features as required by the Ministry of Information and communication. NGSP is the IT solution for the government and enterprises. By integrating database systems in a reasonable and comprehensive way, Government agencies can operate smoothly, transparently, and effectively.

Bytesoft JSC. is currently researching and developing both LGSP and NGSP platforms, which is expected to have a wide range of application to the current administrative system of Vietnam.