[ANN] About cooperation agreement between Bytesoft JSC and Bachkhoa-Aptech University

[ANN] About cooperation agreement between Bytesoft JSC and Bachkhoa-Aptech University


11/13/2018 1:46:09 AM

[ANN] About cooperation agreement between Bytesoft JSC and Bachkhoa-Aptech University

On November 09th, 2018, Bytesoft Joint Stock Company (Bytesoft., JSC) and Bachkhoa-Aptech International IT Education System (Bachkhoa- Aptech) signed a cooperation agreement with the purpose of promoting the relationship between enterprises and educational institutes.


 Bytesoft Joint Stock Company and Bachkhoa-Aptech In 

Attending the signing ceremony, the representatives of Bytesoft., JSC included Mr. Nguyen Van Thai - Chairman of BOD; Mr. Tran Van Thanh - Vice Chairman of BOD; Mr. Doan Duc Manh - General Director; Mr. Thach Van Trung - Head of Personnel Administration Department; Ms. Do Thi Yen - Legal Officer of the company.

On behalf of Bachkhoa-Aptech, Ms. Pham Thai Ha - General Director; Mr. Nguyen Duy Quang - Training Director and Mr. Pham Xuan Hien - Head of Training Department also joined the ceremony.


Signing ceremony between Bytesoft., JSC. and Bachkhoa-Aptech

In this agreement, signatories agreed to join hands and promote the activities of teaching, learning, scientific research conducting and other practices for the targeted IT student group. In addition, Bytesoft., JSC, in collaboration with Bachkhoa-Aptech, committed to create proper infrastructure and send professional officers to work on student-oriented programs in each specific field.  

Also in the signing ceremony, signatories expressed the wish to jointly organize practical field trips  for deeper knowledge and competence in software development among students. Thus, students could be equipped with necessary knowledge and skills to study and work in real work spaces. Distinguished trainees could be even directly recruited if they could meet the requirements of the enterprise.


Mr. Doan Duc Manh (General Director of Bytesoft., JSC.) and Ms. Pham Thai Ha

(General Director of Bachkhoa-Aptech) in the signing ceremony

In that spirit, signatories would build up and carry out cooperative activities related to research and development of software products. Both sides promised to create favorable conditions for Bachkhoa-Aptech teachers and students in teaching, practicing and participating in solving practical problems in software development as well as creating employment opportunities for graduates. In return, BachKhoa-Aptech would support Bytesoft., JSC. in spreading the brand image, introducing vacancies at Bytesoft., JSC. to Bachkhoa-Aptech students, promising potential human resources for Bytesoft as needed.


Training cooperation between enterprises and educational institutes  is the orientation to be promoted for development in Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Bytesoft., JSC has gained impressive outcomes in providing products for State bodies and enterprises with a large number of management solutions such as: LGSP, Public wealth management software, warehouse management software, etc. The company is also a true pioneer in researching and employing Blockchain technology to different sectors such as: Property ownership authentication software on Blockchain platform, Supply chain on Blockchain, etc. (Blockchain is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography for permanent and immutable information storage and perfect security.)

At the same time, Bachkhoa- Aptech is the first Education Institute to be internationally certified (Aptech India criteria) in Vietnam. The partnership between Bytesoft., JSC. and BachKhoa-Aptech is an indispensably strategic movement that demonstrates the determination of signatories to promote the cooperative relationship between enterprises and training centers.



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